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Hadoop Online Training

Online Hadoop Training from Techiestutor, Hyderabad,India

What is BigData and why is Hadoop becoming a popular technology?

To answer precisely, we have 2 concepts BigData and Hadoop.
BigData, as the name suggests is used to indicate large amounts of data which could be structured or unstructured or a combination of both kinds.To work such a bulk data there arise a lot of issues in working with traditional database systems.

Hadoop, an OpenSource framework stood as a solution to such issues which stores large sets of data in a distributed computing environment. It uses Map Reduce Programming Model which is based on core concepts of Java Programming language.

It is easy to learn and hence is its implementation. More and more companies are migrating from the traditional systems out to the easily manageble and scalable Hadoop platform.

Online Hadoop Training @ Techiestutor

Hadoop Online Training is provided at TechiesTutor from Industry experts to excel in the emerging technology by providing handson experience on real time projects. This upcoming technology is having enormous openings worldwide and there is no doubt, hadoop would takeover 80% migrations in next few years.

We offer a range of training sessions for Hadoop and related frameworks like SPARK and SCALA at best competitive pricing. And, we have a proven record of having trained technology seekers from India and worldwide countries like US, UK, Australia.

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Hadoop Online Training, Hyderabad, India

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