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Hadoop Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities in Hadoop have got majorly two tracks, One in Hadoop Development and the other being Hadoop Administration.Either of these tracks can be chosen by enthusiasts willing to start or shift their career platform to Hadoop. Hadoop Development involves the programming or coding part wherein the developer has to write programs for developing Hadoop […]


Hadoop Online Training

Online Hadoop Training from Techiestutor, Hyderabad,India What is BigData and why is Hadoop becoming a popular technology? To answer precisely, we have 2 concepts BigData and Hadoop. BigData, as the name suggests is used to indicate large amounts of data which could be structured or unstructured or a combination of both kinds.To work such a […]

Is Java required for a testing professional

Is Java required for a testing professional? The answer is absolutely yes! If a testing professional would want to enhance his capabilities and grow with emerging technologies, he would require to know Java as well.. For automation testing, there are lot of emerging technologies like Selenium framework that need Java to be known.